Our teachers are incredible! It's as simple as that, they love and care for your kiddos with patience, kindness, and teaching though modeling behavior. They are the cream of the crop and important to our mission and vision, in every way. Click on one of our teachers to read more about them and their passion for early learning right here in Wenatchee, WA!


Founder and Director of TEAMS Learning Center

In Joy's words, "As soon as I walked into my first early childhood education class, I knew it would be my passion in life. I fell in love with what I was learning! I continued taking every class, training, and seminar on child development at two different colleges in in Monterey and Salinas California. I worked at two different Montessori programs helping me understand the levels of quality within the same field. The birth of my second son, taught me SO much more about parenting. None of the typical parenting advice and practice worked. My son had a unique personality that forced me to stop trying what I had heard and start observing what I see. He clearly told me what he needed, when I took the time to look. 

During this time, I was utilizing a lot of programs from the specially designed Hartnell College of child development center. I started there as a parent co-op, then a student, then asked to be a staff member, and then 3.5 years later, a mentor - teaching others. I loved my time there! Through connections I made there, I ventured into the world of early learning centers. I learned what poor early learning education really looked like, how it could be improved with support and help from volunteers and interested parents. Higher quality was achievable when given a chance by the community. ​

A good friend approached me and asked me to join her in creating Avendale Child Development Center. A high quality, full time, learning center for 45 children in Seaside, CA. We started with a condemned drug building and turned it into a living philosophy of learning though play, child development and community awareness. The program was and still is, a continued success because of her dedication. 

Suddenly, my life adventures took me to Wenatchee when my youngest son was only six months old. I knew no one. I decided to focus on my kids, volunteering and learning about my new town. For over a year I asked about early learning and checked out every program that was suggested. I interviewed teachers and was discouraged about what I saw. The median level of quality was so much lower than the anything I had seen before. The best place, was not as good as the worst place I'd seen in California. I knew something had to be done. 

This is where the Learning Curve was created. To raise the bar for quality and give my youngest son, the best education possible. I'm proud of the community involvement and outreach. The trainings and tours we gave to area professionals, the three locations we grew to, and the hundreds of families we helped​ over the 9.5 years in business. This for-profit learning center had 23 men and women working together, paving the way towards early learning childhood education. In 2012, the state of Washington took away funding for mid to low-income families. This decision devastated my program and was the fatal blow that forced me to close my doors. It killed me to know that I was sending my families into a community that did not value early learning. There simply weren’t enough quality choices available.

After an agonizing year of self-discovery and healing, I returned to teaching and to Wenatchee with my mission clearer than ever. I knew I needed to open another program to model quality again, I knew that it had to be a non-profit organization and it needed to be where I could make a greater impact, so I went to work. I hired a non-profit mentor and studied non-profits, I researched the area and I came up with this smaller stepping stone model to be able to achieve the larger program one day. Hence, TEAMS Learning Center was born."


Teacher Alicia has always loved early childhood education and has worked in childcare centers throughout high school and college. In her words, “there is something that working with children bring to the table that's unlike any other work experience. “ In 2015 she welcomed their little girl Madilyn and had the opportunity to stay home with her. Teacher Alicia heard about TEAMS through several friends and social media outlets and decided to give it a try. “I was scared because I had experienced a couple of childcare places in Wenatchee when I was considering going back to work and wasn't sure what to expect but I needed some me time and the opportunity to get some things done with my hands free would be an added bonus. I figured if all I had heard was true, this was going to be the solution. After five minutes I knew we had found our place. Madi's smile never left her face and that made my momma heart feel good." Teacher Alicia started out as a stay-and-play-parent and alternated that with leaving Madilyn for sessions and volunteering. When the opportunity presented itself to become a staff member, she couldn't pass it up. She truly believes that "TEAMS is a place for everyone...children, parents, grandparents, the whole family. And that is something you don't find in childcare, but is so important!" 


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Teacher Jess is from Leavenworth, WA and enjoys speaking Spanish, psychology, music, art, and all sorts of self-expression. She's a firm believer in the “it takes a village” mentality, working together as a TEAM to help children learn. In her words, "to change the world, we start with children." Teacher Jess has a daughter, Sophia, who is an enthusiastic artist and loves taking Spanish class. They're both in love with TEAMS and you'll find them both here in the evenings. Teacher Jess has a dream of starting her own non-profit geared towards physical and creative expression, as well as therapy through flow arts (hula hoops, ribbons, juggling, etc.) It has an emphasis on the physical and creative fields because, in her words, "I feel we are becoming less and less nourished in those areas in our culture. Let’s get everyone outside and letting loose!" She's using her time at TEAMS to learn the ins and outs of a non-profit aimed towards community and children and to absorb as much information from Joy as she can about child development, engagement, and redirection. "This internship means more to me than I could have ever imagined, and it’s been a better fit than both Joy and I ever expected."


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Bio coming soon!


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Teacher Elsy was born in Los Angeles, CA raised in Orange County mostly and then moved to Wenatchee, WA at the age of seven.  

In her words, "I am the first college graduate of my family with a Associates Technical Science degree in Criminal Justice and corrections certified. I worked with young children in high school through a program that was offered where I'd go to an elementary school and be a teachers aid for a couple hrs a few times a week. After high school, I went to college and decided that corrections was the field for me. Over the course of a year of interning for Chelan County Regional Justice Center I got the opportunity to work for Chelan County Juvenile Detention Center where I fell in love with the profession and have been there on and off between starting a family. 


I struggled finding a preschool for my oldest son and was told about TEAMS. I started bringing him in for stay and plays on my days off and moved up to volunteering in the classroom. While pregnant with my second child I continued my volunteering then after birthing my second son I decided that it was time for me to stay home with my youngest for a bit. Shortly after having my second baby I stopped volunteering at TEAMS but proceeded to do drop offs with my oldest as i was feeling overwhelmed with my newborn and my 3yr old together. I slowly got back into the stay and play sessions and thats when Joy approached me and invited me to join TEAMS team. I had already established close knit relationships with some of the littles in the sessions and I had fun and was learning so much with just doing the stay and plays that I figured it was a WIN all around for me to join the team. SO I DID! Come learn and play with a purpose with me and our amazing team! 


Teacher Silas never had early childhood education in his projected career plan when he got his degree in aeronautic engineering. That began to change when he and his wife moved to Wenatchee from Bothell prior to the birth of their now two-year-old son, Elijah. When he had the chance to work from home while taking care of Elijah, he found that TEAMS was a fantastic opportunity to watch him learn and interact with other kids. After months of volunteering, he seized the opportunity to join the TEAM and take on an official role in the classroom. TEAMS, in his words, “blew me away at the level of responsibility and choices that it offered to the children, and how amazingly they responded and flourished through those learning opportunities.” He looks forward to building relationships with the families of the children that he cares for at TEAMS, and sharing in the excitement of witnessing their growth and development.


Teacher Carly came to TEAMS looking for an alternative to the childcare/preschool options for her eldest daughter. She came in for a stay-and-play one day...and hasn't left yet. She was greeted by the welcoming environment from all the teachers and parents. She loved the motto "play with a purpose." In her own words, "It is easy to forget that everyday experiences can be a learning environment for early learners and the curriculum is entwined within the play and exploration of every day items." She also has jumped at the opportunity for other resources available for parents through the adult learning center. There truly is nothing like this in the Valley.It has been a joy to become part of this TEAM and it feels great to be making a difference in the community.


We love our parent, grandparent, and family volunteers! It's an awesome way to get a feel for our program, learn more about early childhood education, and get some sweet baby cuddles! 


Interested in becoming a regular volunteer in our classroom? Check out our events page and join us for a monthly orientation and get acquainted with our curriculum, TEAM culture, and staff. Free childcare available for the night.


As TEAMS Learning Center is a 501c3 non-profit, the governing board of TEAMS is a group consisted of three individuals, who are responsible for overseeing the organization's activities. Boardmembers meet periodically thought the year to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization. The governing board, focuses on the TEAMS mission, strategy, and goals, to be sure that staff members and advisory board members are implementing the mission appropriately. These seats are non-paid, voluntary and appointed by the Founder and Director of TEAMS.


The advisory board at TEAMS Learning Center is a volunteer group of parents, community members, small business owners, and those interested in furthering the success of TEAMS. It was formed to give advice and direction for the support to the non-profit's governing board and staff. The main focus of the advisory board is to help implement the big picture ideas, assist in planning and carrying out fundraisers, and give advice on new changes and/or give recommendations as needed. The advisory board meets every last Thursday of each month at 5:30pm in the Adult Learning Center. Free and open to the public, come join us, or find us here.

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