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Pre-schedule events up to 3 months in advance with $25 deposit

($10 non-refundable) 48 hour cancelation/child reservation requirement

$300 for three--hour party 

(no snack or decorations provided)

 - OR - 
$350 for three-hour party 
(snack, cake, & decorations provided)

As a special THANK YOU we will give you up to10 coupons for $5 off a TEAMS Class

($20 reg. price)

Any other questions? Send us an email below!

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We've been listening to your feedback and we're very excited to announce that we will be offering birthday rentals!


1.) The Full Experience | $350

Birthday rentals will include the use of our facility, classroom, outdoor learning center, as well as two trained teachers, teaching and leading our full curriculum. ​Let us take care of decorations, snack, and a super special birthday cake experience!

2.) The Experience | $300

Birthday rentals will include the use of our facility, classroom, outdoor learning center, as well as two trained teachers, teaching and leading our full curriculum. You take care of decorations and any snacks or food you'd like to provide.

A quick run down on how this will work: 

  • Rentals will be available during the weekends only and at our normal session times of 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. 

  • Birthday parents need to stay, but the parents of the invited children have the option of dropping off and picking up.

  • Rentals require one-week lead time with a max of 10 children.

  • Birthday child must be turning 5 or younger. Invited participants may, of course, be older than five years but it's important to note, that our program is intentionally designed for kids five years and younger. 

  • Family members and adults are welcome to stay and party with us!

  • Each session will follow our regular routine of a class session, but with a special birthday theme!

ARRIVAL AND DROP-OFFBirthday dance music will be playing and balloons will be floating as you check your child into our classroom. Children are free to wander and follow their interests as they explore our learning center, and as parents sign-in. Our classroom will be set up full of activities in our learning centers: science experiments, dramatic play dress up, tons of blocks for creative building, puzzles and manipulatives  - ALL designed to capture the interests of children ages birth through five.  

Parents of the attending children (not the parents of the birthday child) will check their child in, and also have the added benefit of choosing to leave, or staying for the party. We will have two trained staff keeping your children safe, as well as teaching and modeling our TEAMS curriculum and standards. Birthday parties run on our normal weekday class schedule, so each birthday party runs three hours. 


SIGN-IN AND OUTDOOR PLAY: After all of the guests have arrived, we will do a classroom, community clean up and gather at the main activity table. We will do an introduction of the SPECIAL BIRTHDAY BOY or GIRL and everyone will have a chance to sign a giant card for the birthday child. We will then open our Outdoor Learning Center (night sessions will have lights, glow sticks, and necklaces) as we explore outside, play games, and run free. Adult supervision will always be available. Parents please be sure to dress children in weather appropriate clothes, we love using our outdoor space, regardless of weather. 


SNACK TIME: As we come in from outside, we will wash hands and get ready for a special snack and birthday cake (if applicable.) Our snack is always healthy and hearty (and sensitive to allergies.) Our birthday cake is a simple white and chocolate cake frosted with whipped cream and decorated by the whole party.

PLAY TIME: After snack time we will enjoy the classroom centers again and offer a fun art project for party-goers to take home. We will take care of any changing and potty-training throughout the birthday session and calm any fears or hurts that happen too.

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: The last 20-30 minutes we will do a community clean-up of the classroom and gather for music and movement where we will run and dance and move and sing and have a wonderful energy-expelling time before we settle in and listen to special birthday storybooks.

GOODBYES AND PICK-UP: As we say goodbye and gather everyone’s belongings we will welcome everyone back to join our regular sessions Monday - Friday and hand out coupons for our program.

We're excited to work with you and hope to hear from you soon!

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