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We have a goal to be working within the community, for the community. Our early learning center isn’t just about kids - it’s about the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, small business owners, and beyond that go into creating a safe and secure community for our children to grow and thrive in. 


We love and support the beautiful Wenatchee Valley and strive to do all that we can, in providing scholarships, respite care, free and discounted parenting classes to those in our community who need it most. For our early learning center to succeed, we – in turn, need the community’s support. There are numerous ways to help and help!

The first leg of our business model relies on parents and our daily classes. Many parents start by coming by to check out our program. It’s always free to stay and play for the entire session. Here, they can learn more about how we educate though intentional play, modeling behavior, and get comfortable with leaving their child in a new environment. 


From there, parents pre-schedule classes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We have a rich environment for early learning, teaching skills from milestones to Kindergarten readiness. 


We encourage parents to donate if they can and take part in our fundraisers, group events, and adult classes – all while engaging staff and asking questions.




The next leg, relies on community support. If parents, businesses, and other non-profits feel the call to volunteer at TEAMS, that could be volunteering in the classroom and garden, event planning and fundraising, actively coming to our advisory board meetings, or helping to develop more ways for us to grow. We strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child so we encourage community members to contribute whatever talents, resources, or financial endowments they have available. 


We then work with those interested, to generate big ideas on raising awareness about our program, new funding avenues, connecting resources, and implementation.

The third leg of our business model relies on grants, sponsors, and major donor support. We have many businesses in our community that are willing to TEAM up and support each other, we hope to rely on their support. Grant applications and proposals are also a large part of our success. There are many community partnerships we have been able to build, which help our program thrive. 


Our mission isn’t to just stop here. We see an opportunity to duplicate this program, through out our region and all over the state of Washington. We provide an opportunity for adult education, teacher training, and teaching children the important skills they need; not only in preparing them for kindergarten, but for life. We teach problem solving skills, positive communication, integration and respect with peers. 


With your support, we would be able to get our message out further. Our goal is to educate everyone about why early learning education is important. 

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As always, your support, volunteer work, and contributions make this incredible program happen. With your donation we can continue to make a difference in our community and in the lives of these cute, adventurous, curious, and creative children.


Do you love kids and want to see the magic happen,

in-action? Or do you have a green thumb? You’ll find us in our classroom and community zen garden every weekday, stop by and see us! 


Do you love planning big events, fundraising, or The Gorge Amphitheatre? So do we! We’d love to see you at our advisroy meetings, or at our booth in the summer, come by and let’s chat.


Do you have a unique skill, talent, or resource you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it. Or are you interested in a financial contrubution or sponsorhip?

We’d love to talk.

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