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TEAMS Learning Center | Cashmere, is a Child Development Center with flexible enrollment for children ages two-and-a-half to twelve. We offer a full-time program, with drop-off and pick-up to fit your schedule, when you need it. We believe in play with purpose!

We focus our curriculum on meeting the five pillars of early learning: social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical development. With each program, story, activity, and toy we offer to each child, we strive to meet the need for intentional, child-initiated, play with purpose! Take a peek at a sample selection of our curriculum and menu at TEAMS Cashmere.

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Image by Simon Rae


Cashmere Drop-In






7:30 AM

Open with tabletop activities and main classroom learning centers are available to explore. 

8:15 AM

Community clean-up time and transition to morning movement. 

8:20 AM

Group yoga & morning calisthenics while each child washes their hands. 

8:30 AM

Breakfast process learning, responsibility skills and morning conversation. 

8:45 AM

Classes separate, older class does circle time then goes outside as youngers stay in main classroom centers. 

9:40 AM

Community clean-up for all classes and prepare for a transition. Gather as a class with a movement song. 

9:45 AM

Younger class transitions to the circle time room & potty time. Older class comes inside & washes hands. 

10:00 AM

Younger class goes outside as older class does art lesson and science experiments then main class centers. 

10:45 AM

Community clean-up and prepare for transition. Older kids close down centers & youngers wash hands. 

11:00 AM

Youngers do an art lesson and science project & older class separates into library & movement spaces. 

11:30 AM

Clean-up and gather for transition songs & story while hands are washed & lunch is prepped. 

11:45 AM

Lunch time combined classes sitting with one teacher as the other sets out nap mats & naptime music. 

12:00 PM

Transition to nap time mats, assist children with sheets then read story aloud & tuck children in or rub backs. 

12:30 PM

When children are asleep teachers can break each other for their lunch breaks, clean & prep for afternoon. 

1:30 PM

Pass out books to awake children read books quietly on their mats or small quiet toys to play on their mats. 

2:00 PM

Take first half of awake students outside as the other half wake slowly, teacher cleans up mats & sets up snack. 

2:30 PM

Children come in and combine for snack time experience and stay combined with all centers open & free art. 

3:30 PM

Community clean-up of classroom, gather for everyone takes a turn to potty during a music and story time. 

3:45 PM

Transition to the outdoor learning center as long as desired and weather permitting, clean as numbers drop. 

4:45 PM

Transition inside for story time & wash hands for late afternoon snack & table top activities. 

5:30 PM

Close classroom down, final clean-up and set up for morning success. 

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