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Veronica Mabee

Wenatchee, WA

I would like to extend my gratitude to the amazing new child care center in our small town of Wenatchee. As a former preschool teacher for Bright Horizons, having high expectations for your own child’s education is a given however, living in a small town with very little options for quality care is scarce. I am so grateful to the TEAMS staff and their wonderful center that has provided care for my 1.5-year-old son for the last few months. While he may only attend 3-9 hrs a week, Teacher Joy and Teacher Cara have shown him so much love and affection that it has created such a strong and loving bond between them. My son is also able to socialize with other children of all ages which has been helping his language skills. My son has learned basic skills that have made him an independent little guy such as washing his hands to eat, helping clean the table after dinner and sweeping. My son is only 1.5 but continuing and modeling these behaviors at home have strengthened his abilities to become a responsible young man.

Teacher Joy always has daily pictures of the children's interactions at school along with activities for the day and let me tell how proud it makes a momma feel to see your child engaged with other children in these activities at such a young age. I have learned that my son loves to hug and show affection to others at school and he is well on his way to learning empathy. Sometimes it is difficult for full time working parents to teach these lessons to your children but thank goodness for his amazing teachers who get the ball rolling as we incorporate their methods at home.


Thank you to all the TEAMS staff for their wealth of knowledge and their inviting atmosphere that allows us parents to just hang out at the center with our children. As a first time parent, it is good to know that we have supportive staff to help us raise our children. 

The Sambuceto Family

Wenatchee, WA

It took one visit to TEAMS Learning Center to know that it would be where my child would start their educational journey. It felt like a school and a community, not a day-care or a franchise. It was clean, exciting and creatively designed for children. Teacher Joy and Teacher Cara have always been responsive to our needs and welcoming to our child. I can rest easy knowing my child is well looked after as well as getting quality social & emotional development while at TEAMS. Their effort to become familiar with our family has made it possible for our son to easily transition into their program. We feel that, as a result of attending TEAMS, our child has developed a healthy love of learning and the confidence to continue to happily move forward with their social interactions with other children. 

We look forward to seeing him learn and grow, and share the many wonderful experiences that are ahead.

Andrew Arnold

Wenatchee, WA

Wonderful place where children can learn while having a lot of fun. Clean safe environment, and a wonderful addition to the area!

Alex N Favi Torres

Wenatchee, WA

As a kindergarten teacher- I was impressed!
My daughter didn't want to leave. This was her very first "daycare" and she loved it!!! Such an amazing, developmentally appropriate atmosphere. This makes my heart happy! 
Teacher Cara is wonderful and soooo patient. Mommy and Emma can't wait till our next visit. 

Meliesa Hawley

Wenatchee, WA

As a fellow educator, I have been impressed with Teacher Joy and her knowledge and love of her work. I am so glad we have you here in Wenatchee. You are truly a treasure.

Charles McGuffey

Wenatchee, WA

Very handy in a pinch, Joy and Cara really help me step up my parenting skills without me feeling talked down to, and my child asked to go on a daily basis.

Emily Gotti

Wenatchee, WA

Love love love this place!!!!! Thank you Joy so much for bringing this to Wenatchee. We needed it and you are exactly the person to bring the fun!

Erin King-Luce

Wenatchee, WA

I spent a lovely morning getting to know Teacher Joy and observing her staff while my 9 month old baby girl got acquainted with the center. I watched them expertly handle another child's separation anxiety, and I knew I could leave Evelyn here anytime and trust that she is in the very best care! I hope other families will support this amazing resource. I must have said it multiple times while I was there that I would have loved a place like this when my son was little!

Bethane B. AlHaidari

Wenatchee, WA

This was a great place for me to leave my 1.5 year old girl, Zaina, for the first time. She does not like nor is she used to being away from me, but Teacher Joy is always quick to get her distracted and excited about other activities. Every time I have come back to get her, she is happy and busy playing, and we always come home with a cute craft that Zaina made during her time there. We have to leave the country in a couple weeks and will really miss this place, it's a wonderful resource to have for parents and the valley is lucky to have it! Hope to see you all next summer! Thank you for taking such gentle care of my daughter! 

Tiffany Bruehl

Wenatchee, WA

My daughter had a great time today, we dropped her in from 9-12 so we could go clean her room without little eyes that want to keep everything. She talked all afternoon about the things she did including making lemonade and art with lemons. I am so grateful to have a safe and clearly loving place to take her from time to time. The teachers there are wonderful at getting the kids interested in all there is to do and I love that I can tale her as often as I want but don't have a monthly or even weekly commitment!!

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