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We've been listening to your feedback and are excited to announce that our booking system is getting an update! Please bear with us during this exciting transition period as we roll out our super-powered booking system. You'll still have all the old features you love, plus you'll now be able to book multiple sessions and different classes at a time, join a wait list that will text you the second an opening comes up, and many more awesome new features. 

*Bookings for classes running January 22nd and beyond, must now be made using our new system.


Why the big change?

Simply put, our old system was a pain. It couldn't handle everything we wanted from it and our first priority, you the parents using the system, had some great feedback on what you needed. New year, new changes right? We hope this new system streamlines and simplifies the process for you. You can now book more than one class at a time, get on a waitlist for classes that are full, and by creating an account, you can cancel and reschedule your classes a lot easier, and have all of your information pre-loaded for the next time you check-out. Efficiency for the win! 

I have a coupon for $5 off, how do I use it?

Our new booking system is now compatible with coupon codes, you'll need to trade in any old $5 off paper-coupons for a coupon code. When you book online, you'll be asked if you have any promo codes, just enter in your new code, and you're all set!

How does the wait list work? 

Add your name in the wait list using the new booking system. When your requested number of spaces become available, you'll get a text and email with a link to book. You'll have 30 minutes to book using the email link, before the wait list will move to the next person in line. If no one from the wait list books, the space will be released back into the wild! 

What happens if I wait list more than one space? 

The wait list system will only notify you once the full number of spaces becomes available. So, if you request two spaces and only one space becomes available, you won't be contacted until a second space opens up. If you are flexible with the number of spaces you'll need, add individual requests for one space at a time, to the wait list, and you'll get notified when each one becomes available. Pro tip! Check out our videos below on our new system, as well as the waitlist feature.

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