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In September, we held our annual parent training taught by

Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson. Our topic was, "How to Talk Your

Way to Better Child Behavior."

"Children don’t listen. Children don’t remember what you’ve told them. Talking to children often doesn’t  seem to do any good, and that’s why you feel frustrated and impatient. But here’s an easy solution to children’s behavior: better communication.  If you’ve fallen into poor communication habits – and, really, who hasn’t? – this session will remind you of the importance of what we say and how we say it, and give you quick tips you can start using today."

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Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson is an expert in child development and learning with over thirty years’ experience in innovative programming, public speaking and guidance of parents and teachers of young children. She is author of numerous books and articles, including Parenting: A Field Guide, Developmentally Appropriate Parenting and Everyday Equity. She is a professor of Early Childhood Education at Walden University and a Child Care Exchange Exceptional Master Leader. Dr. Anderson is the director of The Skillful Teacher, a DEL-approved training organization. Find her on the web at

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