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We believe in play with purpose, meaning that our activities are chosen
to support the 5 pillars of early learning:

Our non-profit learning center focuses on adult and child education.

We offer part-time, early learning sessions, and drop-in care for birth

to 5 year old children, as well as respite care for families in crisis.

We host parent and teacher support groups and trainings, in addition to providing observation opportunities for local professional use and parent observations.

Our desire is to fill in areas where support is needed for families and teachers of young children and bring them together with the great programs already available in our community.

We give everyone the opportunity to help by accepting donations for purchasing teaching materials or operating costs, regular subscribers can sponsor a family’s tuition and individuals and businesses can pay for a “Paid Day” for parents that need to drop in for a session or two.

We also offer regular "Fun-Raisers" to provide fun and family involvement, this will market our programs as well as give us a

chance to “team” up with local organizations, providing community information and resources.

We accept charitable giving of real estate and are actively looking for locations to improve and use or sell to benefit our program.

We are looking for the resources and people who are willing to be champions for our cause, partners in our movement and help

gain funding and momentum for our mission, we are looking for YOU!

There is a vital need for active, early childhood development in the Wenatchee valley and I can’t wait to hear your response to the call!

Feel free to contact us here for more information or to donate.

Many hands make good work, let’s do this together!

SOCIAL                    EMOTIONAL               COGNITIVE                 CREATIVE                   PHYSICAL
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