TEAMS Learning Center is offering a five-week course taught by Teacher Joy. TEAM Talk Parent Education Series will focus on navigating the early years. Each week, topics will consecutively build upon each other and focus on a different aspects of parenting. We'll cover the gamut of questions, from potty training, to effective communication, self-care, and boundaries.

Childcare not included. If needed, please reserve your spot(s) now!

Classes will be held in the Adult Learning Center on Wednesday nights from 5:00-8:00 pm.


.  Welcome to Parenting 

.  What is Child Development 

.  Why is Early Learning So Important

.  Handling Stress, Life, Kids, and Self-Care

.  Fits, Screaming and Temper Tantrums

.  The Importance of Observation

.  HAND Held Calming Tool

.  Real Life Scenarios


.  Why Am I So Scared

.  Letting Go of Old Baggage

.  Bedtime, Nap & Morning Routines

.  Setting Boundaries with Love and Respect

.  Whining, Demanding, Bossy and Defiance

.  Choosing Your Battles and Consistency

.  Five Things to do Each Day

.  Real Life Scenarios


.  EnJOYing this Moment 

.  Positive Discipline and Autonomy

.  Self-Help, Decisions, & Self-Soothing Skills

.  Setting Home Environment up for Success

.  Sibling Rivalry and Celebrating Differences

.  Turning Cheeky into Cheerful Action

.  Five Love Languages for Kids

.  Real Life Scenarios


.  Story of Us

.  Potty Training Plan 

.  Child Nutrition and Picky Eating

.  Intentional Play and Kindergarten Prep

.  Bribery, Time-Out, and Sticker Chart Pitfalls

.  Breaking Bad Habits & Replacing Behaviors

.  The Art of Redirection and Positive Outlets

.  Consistency and Follow Through 

.  Teach Goal-Setting Skills 

.  Real Life Scenarios


.  Competition

.  The Parent RRAAP

.  When Something Goes Wrong

.  Building Your TEAM of Supporters

.  Letting Go of Parent Guilt & Stop Comparing

.  Setting Expectations & Rising to the Challenge

.  Patience, Perseverance and Understanding

.  Have a Case for Just-In-Case Times

.  Effective Parenting Practices

.  Completion Celebration

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