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Concert Crowd
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TEAMS Learning Center has an awesome opportunity this summer to raise money for our program AND awareness for early childhood education in the Wenatchee Valley, but we need your help!

This year, we’ve TEAMed up with The Gorge Amphitheatre to run a non-profit food booth in a prime location overlooking the stage. It’s a perfect spot to see the show, take in the great views, get some tips and feed hungry concert-goers! This awesome opportunity is open to the public and all TEAMS Learning Center supporters.

For more information, or to sign up for a shift, see below!

Music Concert


Sign Up For a Spot

Volunteers at the Gorge Amphitheater are vital to our success at TEAMS. As a volunteer, you get the added benefit of enjoying an awesome show for free, sensational people watching, and contributing to our value of serving the community. Volunteer positions include checking IDs and running a register, talking directly to concert participants, handling the food and topping it with our special ingredients, and/or working in the kitchen to cook and prepare food for hungry customers at the concert. 


  1. Alcohol service permit (TIPS or MAST)

  2. Food handler's permit (can be done online, please see below)

  3. Closed-toed shoes and black pants for your shift the day of

  4. Volunteers must be over 16 years of age


Music Concert



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