Empowered beginnings for you and your baby


Birth is a moment you are undoubtedly looking forward to. Possibly with excitement, apprehension, or other feelings. An array of emotions, choices, and experiences set the stage for the birth of your child.


Nurtured Wellness Childbirth Education is founded by Doula and TEAMS Teacher Tomi. It exists to enhance the birthing experience for as many families as possible. Understanding your body, your rights, and your choices in pregnancy can make for an empowering birth experience that can launch confident mothers and fathers into the deep waters of parenting. Our class will prepare you for success, and cover a five main topics over five consecutive weeks:

  • Understanding Pregnancy

  • Understanding Labor

  • Understanding Comfort Techniques

  • Understanding Medical Procedures

  • Understanding Newborns


 Tuesday nights   |  5:30pm - 7:30pm  |  $125

Registration includes participation for two attendees. Classes will

be held in the Adult Learning Center. Childcare not included, if needed please reserve your spot(s) now!

Pregnancy and birth represent life events in which meaningful personal transformation can be experienced. The elements of confidence and power that arise as the result of a positive birth outcome are far reaching and crucial to the optimal health and well being of families.

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